Wise Voices for Music is intended to provide a platform for discovery, and to coordinate the voices of advocates for learning music in our schools and communities. Working together, community events help coalesce our collective national voice for music education in Canada. Our goals are to learn from each other and to develop local action plans that will ensure learning music is integral to our schools and communities.

To meaningfully root our collective work for learning music in schools and communities in local action plans, through effective provincial partnerships, which are supported by a national movement with strong youth leadership.
Learning music is valued and integral to schools and communities, and supported in all Canadian communities through collaboration and partnerships.
  • Gather wisdom from multi-generational and multi-sectoral perspectives
  • Build a critical mass of coordinated voices at community levels, that links with provincial and national movements
  • Invigorate and support local action strategies through a network of community and youth action leaders
  • Facilitate knowledge exchange between communities and within the country
  • Identify clear key messages to promote the value of learning music in the community
  • Celebrate our achievements, identify and share exemplars
  • Provide opportunities for youth leadership, and develop a Youth Action Network

Wise Voices for Music is intended to invigorate and support local action strategies through a network of community and youth action leaders.  Wise Voices for Music meaningfully roots our collective work for learning music in Canadian schools and in our communities, through effective provincial partnerships that are supported by a national movement with a strong youth component.

“Music brings people together people who wouldn’t normally see each other or experience each other – we come together because of music.”

The Coalition is working with communities across Canada to host roundtable discussions with participants who represent a multi-generational and multi-sectoral perspective.  Participants identify local successes to be shared as best practices.

Each community event activates a process that leads toward an action plan. Event participants identify issues, build key messages and determine strategies to collaboratively move forward – ensuring that the integral importance of learning music in our schools and communities is valued and maintained.   Each community event includes:

Celebration – of our achievements and the best of what we do,

Inquiry – through gap solution analysis to identify what’s missing,

Discovery – of clear and coordinated messages – what is the value of learning music?

Action – next steps, local leadership and Coalition support for an achievable plan.

“If we can do this with something that is as fundamentally Canadian as hockey, we can do this with something that is as fundamental to humanity as music and the Arts.”
– Sudbury roundtable participant


The Wise Voices for Music Program is supported by: