During the past few years, the Coalition has been taking a pro-active approach to developing potential research partnerships. There have been several opportunities that have arisen as a result of our on-going discussion with CMEA/ACME, MusicCounts, and Music Canada. We all share a need for having accurate data that presents a true picture of music education across Canada, and by working together, we feel this is much more doable. Currently, we have a Memorandum of Understanding with CMEA/ACME for a joint research committee. Eric Favaro and Ben Bolden co-chair this committee, and during the CMEA/ACME conference in Winnipeg in July they met to discuss topics to pursue. Over the coming weeks the committee will meet to identify a specific research project to undertake for this year. In addition, we will continue to dialogue with the other organizations to identify potential funding sources and research topics to be studied.

As a funding requirement for Wise Voice for Music (Ontario), we have made a commitment to the Ontario Trillium Foundation to carry out a study to summarize the findings of the three-year project. Surveys have been distributed to music educators, administrators, students, parents, community musicians, and others. Dr. Ann Patteson from Kingston has been contracted to collect the data, analyse it, and write our final report. We look forward to the first presentation of this report at the OMEA conference in early November.

Finally, the Coalition has been invited to partner with two other research groups seeking funding for research projects. We will continue to work with them, and we will be reporting on the progress when it becomes available next spring.