Organized by the Coalition for Music Education, Music Monday is an annual national event celebrating the importance of music in our lives and especially in our schools. It began in 2005.

We would like all schools and organizations to register online. The more registrations we have, the more powerful the statement to policy-makers on the importance of quality music education for all children. We can also be in touch with you in this way about new announcements. You can register at:

Under the ‘Arrangements’ section, we have included audio demos of some of the arrangements. Feel free to download them free of charge.  Click Here to search for arrangements and demos

Although this would be ideal, it is not always possible. The band music, especially for younger bands, needs to be in Bb or Eb. Those are difficult keys for guitars and other stringed instruments that play in sharp keys. It would be challenging to find a key suitable for all music arrangements. However, you may arrange any of the versions of the Music Monday composition to suit your own situation.

Yes. Finding ways for students to participate is at the heart of Music Monday. If you’d like to share your adaptation with others please send it to the Coalition and we may put it on our website. Please send PDF’s and demos to:

Even if you’re not able to perform the piece on Music Monday, we encourage everyone to organize an event in support of the goals of Music Monday: to raise the awareness and to celebrate the importance of music in our schools and in our lives. Regardless of the day/time you perform, please register online at:

We encourage everyone to perform the Music Monday Anthem as part of your Music Monday activities as this interests the media. However, if for some reason you cannot perform this song, please perform other pieces that suit the needs of your students. Our goal is to have as many schools and community organizations involved in a music performance on Music Monday as possible.

It would be great for everyone to perform at the same time across the country, as it draws media attention to the cause, however, it may not be realistic in all situations. Please celebrate Music Monday at a time of day that is most convenient for you.

In 2014, we launched our first-ever Music Monday Anthem Search. It was a great success! We are likely to conduct another search when we are in need for a next Music Monday Anthem.

Absolutely! Here are a couple of ways that a community group can become involved:

  • host your own Music Monday event
  • contact local school boards and find ways to join in on various other events. If a school is hosting its own concert, they would be thrilled to have a community group join in. (e.g. having an adult community group perform with a school group.)

This is up to you but the sooner you can begin rehearsing and promoting the Music Monday song, the better you will be prepared for the concert on Music Monday!

Check out the promotional section on the Music Monday website. Also, consider writing a short article about your Music Monday event and send it to your local newspaper. Invite them to your school for Music Monday; send them a recording of the Music Monday song, played by your students. Contact your school board public relations’ person about your event and they will promote it to the media.

Music Monday is an annual national event celebrating the importance of music in our lives and especially in our schools. Visit the Music Monday website and download the promotional items with key media messages.

You can check who is registered on the Music Monday website to see who else is doing something in your area. You can also contact local music organizations such as your provincial music educators’ association, band associations, choral federations, as well as local amateur and professional bands, orchestras and choirs. Contact your local school board to see what else is happening in your District.

  1. Check to see if other schools in your area are participating and see if there is some way you can be involved with their Music Monday activity.
  2. Invite a local musician or parent/grandparent who has a music background to come and work with your students and prepare something for Music Monday.
  3. Host a concert and bring in a group, for example, a community group, another school band or choir.
  4. Download our elementary arrangement of the song and learn some easy ways to teach the song to students and teachers who have no music training.