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Depending on the chemistry of your school, organization or group, you may want to plan these steps with either your students, members or your administration. Setting Event Goals are the first steps towards casting a vision.

Examples of event goals:

  • Make the event as VISIBLE and AUDIBLE as possible
  • Make the event as innovative and unique as possible – create a themed event
  • Relationship-building – partner with schools from different locations in the province and country via live-streaming
  • Media coverage – invite local media to your event including print, radio and TV, and write letters to the editor

Examples of community partners:

  • senior’s music group
  • local or professional symphony or choir
  • local music retailer
  • media outlet
  • city hall
  • shopping mall
  • sports team

Some ideas:

  • School gyms, halls, or classrooms
  • Government buildings, City Hall/municipal offices
  • School board buildings
  • Museums or galleries
  • Shopping malls
  • School grounds
  • City Hall ground
  • Waterfront locations