“Music saved my life.” For George Murga, music is an outlet for creative escape. It all began with church music, when George started playing piano at the age of 6. In grade 7 he picked up the trumpet and never looked back. It was in high school when he really fell ‘into the world of music,’ through experience with jazz and school music bands. When it came time to decide a post-secondary path, George’s choice was obvious: Music. After spending two years studying Jazz at Humber College in Toronto, George was presented with the opportunity to study at the Los Angeles College of Music on a full scholarship for one year.

How does George find all of his opportunities? In an industry where it can sometimes be hard to get your feet off the ground, George attributes his success to skillful Networking. He stresses the importance of meeting people and making the most of opportunities. After all, that is how he first became involved with the Coalition for Music Education. While studying at Humber college, George discovered the Coalition through a symposium. It happened to be the first symposium held in Toronto. He hesitated to go, but ultimately decided that he needed to Network. He was immediately inspired by everyone, and was excited to learn that he shared a passion for music education with others in the group. George likes to give back to the community through music, and appreciated the efforts that the Coalition were making to reach the entire country, from coast to coast to coast. The experience opened a lot of doors for him. George now serves as a highly active Youth4Music ambassador.

When asked about his musical accomplishments, George responded with, “I prefer to be humble. I’ve been blessed with opportunities and I’m very thankful for them. Being able to get up everyday and do what I love to do in life. That would be the greatest accomplishment.’’ Music combines George’s three passions: performing, travelling and public speaking. His performing has taken him internationally to places such as Cuba and Thailand. Really Big World, a world pop ensemble that George plays with, has plans to take the stage in cities throughout California & South America soon.

George’s passion for public speaking factors quite uniquely into his work as a musician. He has recently undertaken a project in classroom settings in an effort to inspire and uplift high school students. In his project titled Real Talk, George shares his own personal story about how music changed his life. At a vulnerable age, when pressures such as substance abuse and street activity were a threat, George turned to music. Trumpet was his saving grace and creative escape. This is the message that he is bringing to students who are at the point of trying to identify who they are and what they would like to do in life.

George feels like he has found his passion and continues to pursue it to the fullest. Even throughout his time in L.A., George was been able to maintain a presence in Canada. He has been back and forth for recording sessions, performances and of course events with the Coalition for Music Education. There’s no match for George’s bright personality when it comes to getting kids excited on Music Monday, or sharing his passion as a co-host for one of our symposiums. Of course there’s no place quite like home… George is back in Toronto to pursue further studies at Humber College and continue to build on his bright musical future.