As a young person, finding your inner leader can sometimes seem daunting. There are always so many youth doing inspiring things, but sometimes it’s hard to find opportunities join the movement. Here at the Coalition, we believe that everyone has the potential to become a young leader. That’s why we are launching this Leadership 101 article series. It is meant to help you build skills to make the difference that you want to see in the world.

The first step in becoming an effective leader is to find a cause that you are passionate about. For us here at the Coalition, our passion is MUSIC! Music could be your passion too, or maybe there’s something else in for you. Regardless of what the passion might be, here are some things to think about that will help you to discover what it is for you personally:

  1. What makes you curious? Has your love for listening to pop tunes ever inspired you to learn how to read music? Curiosity leads to action, so learn to channel it!
  2. What are you excited about?   Think about what motivates you and that will lead you to discover your passion!
  3. Can you identify your talents? Everyone has skills that they are exceptionally good at. Of course there are the obvious ones, such as a knack for playing instruments. But maybe you’re good at public speaking, writing, organizing school events, etc. Your strengths can be combined with your passion in any leadership roles. Take advantage of them!
  4. What experiences in life have you particularly enjoyed? Are you thinking of a school drama production, a lecture you heard, or a movie you watched? Take note of these events and think about why you enjoyed them so much. You could be onto something!
  5. Do you see any needs in your community that you would like to address? Maybe your school band program is lacking funding for a really cool project, or maybe there is something in your community lacking awareness. Think about shortcomings that you would like to see fixed.

These are just a few questions to get your brain waves moving. Perhaps you’ve identified your passion already. For others it may take some time and thought. Once you find a passion, there are so many things that may run through your head. Where do you start? How do you make change in your community? How do you combine your passion with the motivation to make a difference? All of these topics and more will be addressed in future Leadership 101 articles. Keep an eye out on our future Youth4Music newsletters for more!

Keep an eye out on our future Youth4Music newsletters for more topics such as how to network, the importance of mentorship and more.