Arguably known as the most iconic Halloween song ever made, Michael Jackson’s Thriller is the first song on our list. Released in 1983, Thriller remains one of Jackson’s top 10 songs. The famous music video was actually shown in theatres in December of its release and was a huge hit. With a horrifying plot, gruesome dancing zombies, and a bopping beat, it’s no wonder that in today’s world, communities hold annual Thriller flash mobs all across Canada. Go check them out, they’re everywhere! But be careful not to become one of the living dead yourself…muahaha!

Who are we gonna call up next on our list? You got it… Ghostbusters! (Yes, a very cheesy line, but too classic to resist.) This catchy song was written by Ray Parker Jr. for the 1984 feature film Ghostbusters, starring Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Sigourney Weaver, just to mention few names. The movie may not mention Halloween once, but it’s still spooky! I assure you, if you run into the street on Halloween night and yell “Who you gonna call?” all  parents on the block will reply to your strange question… try it out and see what they say! And make sure you put Ghostbusters in all your Halloween Party playlists!

An ancient tune from a Disney animation takes the spot next on our list. Made way back in 1929 by Disney’s Silly Symphony, Spooky Scary Skeletons is featured in the short The Skeleton Dance. This cute black and white tale, explains that skeletons just want to party, but they are just too scary for us humans to handle! Normally, you don’t see teens breaking it down to prehistoric songs like this one, but oh no, this song is very popular among teens. That’s because the new Spooky Scary Skeletons remix is the most festive around. Teens immediately get down to the sound of the thumping beat. The remix can be found anywhere and is an absolute essential for your Halloween Party playlist.

Here’s a ‘graveyard smash’…The Monster Mash! It’s another oldie on our list. This is a song you’ll hear play on radio stations late halloween night. The single was written and performed by Bobby “Boris” Pickett. The song tells of a mad scientist, whose creation wakes up one night and performs a dance…the monster mash! So, the mad scientist hosts a party for all the monsters so they can all monster mash together. A very catchy little ditty that is quite popular now and also back in ‘62 when it was released. Pickett was known to perform the song with distinct facial expressions and an original mad scientist voice, that brought the song to fame.

Finally, the last song on our list that is a perfect karaoke selection for you and your friends to sing at all your Halloween get togethers. From the film The Nightmare Before Christmas comes the festive song This Is Halloween. With the unique touch of Danny Elfman, this smashing song is simply incomparable. The number opens up the film, as the characters sing about their beloved terrifying Halloween town. This Tim Burton film is often argued to be a Halloween classic…or is it a Christmas classic? The debate has been ongoing since the film was released in 1993. Well readers, in this case, we’re calling it a Halloween must watch and the soundtrack a must listen!