The Coalition for Music Education was founded in 1992 when representatives of more than 20 music education organizations came together to share ideas to improve the state of music education in Canada. The Coalition quickly began working with parents and other concerned citizens to address concerns about music in schools.


We envision a country where everyone’s life is enriched by quality school and community music programs, and where their active engagement in music is valued and supported.


To raise the awareness and understanding of the role that music engagement plays in Canadian culture, and to promote the benefits of music participation.


The Coalition focuses its activities in four key areas to encourage and support individuals and organizations to advocate for quality music programs as a pillar of a well-rounded education:

  • Public Awareness
    Creating a context that appreciates the value of music education. through projects like Music Monday and our Champions for Music Education

  • Resources
    The provision of cost-free tools, pamphlets and information to empower parents, teachers and citizens to take action.

  • Research
    The Coalition is the only organization in Canada conducting national research about the status of music education in our schools, as well as gathering other relevant research.  Results from our most recent study will be released in the fall of 2010.

  • Community Connectivity
    The Coalition plays an important role by bringing together a variety of interested parties to strengthen the cause through the National Effort, Music Monday and more.

We believe that music is key in learning and in life and it is our goal to see that all children have a quality program in music through their schools.