Music is basic to our development and expression, a disciplined endeavour valued by most cultures of the world. With the value of music education understood by so many and well-substantiated by research, why do we need to defend it?

Music and arts education programs are being reduced or cut in public schools. Reasons include: competition for instructional time, shortage of qualified teachers, lack of community support and the diversion of school funds to educational areas that are evaluated by standardized tests


Each school is unique and it’s important to get involved with yours to understand the situation.  Music programs can be compromised for many reasons: a.  competition for instructional time b.  shortage of qualified teachers c.  lack of community support d.  diversion of school funds to subjects evaluated by province-wide testing,

Learn about your school’s music program. Bring up the subject at Parent Teacher Association meetings and let teachers and administrators know how much you value having a quality music program.

Our FREE resources online are easy-to-use tools to help you design and execute your action plan.  Use them as a starting point in discussions with other concerned parents and community members.

Effective advocacy will emphasize the positive and the best interests of students. Look for opportunities to publicize and promote student performances and their points of view with parents, at school board meetings, media and in the community.  Not every administrator or policy maker has had the chance to experience the benefits of music education.

Every voice counts. Consider forming a group to increase available resources and ideas.  Groups can consist of parents, students, teachers, community members and local artists concerned about the status of music education.

Let your local and provincial representatives know the benefits of quality music education programs and the need for ongoing investment. It’s been said that 10 letters to a public official or decision-maker will put issues on their radar, 25 letters will make them explore an issue, 50 letters can change a vote.  Click Here for helpful tips policy maker contact links. Our website provides further helpful research and support.

Numbers have power with policy-makers and the media so your participation in Coalition initiatives is very important.  Why not participate in Music Monday on the first Monday of each May?


Check out our customized advocacy guides.



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Are you interested in planning an event or fundraiser for the Coalition for Music Education in Canada to bring awareness to the importance of Music Education?

Even if you don’t have experience with event planning, all you need is energy and enthusiasm to make it happen! You can organize talent showsmusical car washesmusical bake sales, or any other creative idea that highlights music education!

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