cmeaThe Joint Consortium of Research (representing the CMEA/ACME and Coalition for Music Education in Canada) invites applications for Research Funding.

Scholars who are researching in Canadian music education are invited to apply for funding support. Up to $5,000.00 will be targeted annually (budget permitting) to fund such research projects.

The deadline for submission is Feb. 1, 2017. The successful applicant(s) will be chosen by April 1, 2017 by a peer jury. JCoR will provide written notification and procedures for the dissemination of funds along with a contract agreement for the project funding.

Recipients and research descriptions will be announced in the Canadian Music Educator journal and will be posted on the CMEA/ACME website.

How to Apply

Applicants are to write a one-page proposal outlining the research project. The proposal must include the research question(s), methodology, anticipated duration/timelines, plans for the dissemination of results, and the applicant’s educational institution. If the project includes participation of human participants, an ethics review from the applicant’s institution is required. The CMEA/ACME is not able to provide an ethics review.

In addition to the proposal, a budget plan should be attached, outlining the use of requested funding. If the project is funded by any other source, that should also be noted.

Applications will be assessed with regard to:

  • Relevance of topic to the scholarship of Canadian music teaching and learning;
  • Theoretical and methodological soundness of research plan;
  • Originality and importance of the potential contribution to the field;
  • Clarity of budget in demonstrating how the funds will be used, and that the use of funds is appropriate (e.g. hiring student research assistants, administration costs, research software, researcher travel)

Please submit proposals by email to Dr. Benjamin Bolden [] by Jan 1, 2017. Please attach the application proposal as a Word Document.