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A Landscape of Music Education

Our national study report has been released! Download your copy now!

The Coalition for Music Education has completed a ground-breaking study on the state of music education in Canada.

Access to quality music education in Canada has never been more critical.

The Coalition for Music Education in Canada, together with our partners the Canadian Music Educators’ Association, Music Canada, MusiCounts, the Canadian Network for Arts and Learning, People for Education, Western University and the University of Victoria, has completed a ground-breaking national survey to document the state of music education in Canada.

A Survey of Music Curriculum across Canada

In this first part of our research, we have compiled an overview of music education policies in each province and territory.

You will be able to see:

  • Mandatory music education times,
  • general curriculum policies for Primary and Secondary education,
  • the years in which the music curriculum was last updated,
  • and a list of active music education organizations in the region.

Click on the icons on the map to view and download the infographic.

The infographics and links presented in this map are available to download:

This map is a living document and will be updated from time to time. Please check back for updates!

Music Organizations in Canada