In early January, the Board of Directors passed a motion to become a research partner in an exciting and innovative project entitled Transforming Music Education Using Digital Tools.  Led by researchers Dr. Rena Upitis (Queens University) and Dr. Phil Abrami (Concordia University), the project is intended to provide a deeper understanding of the impact on policy regarding access to electronic teaching tools in music education.  Supporting the research is a collection of digital tools created to support music learning in studio music instruction, in music classrooms and in community music-making.  The collection is called Music Tool Suite [] and consists of four tools that were developed through a partnership between Queen’s University, Concordia University, and The Royal Conservatory.:  Cadenza, Notemaker, Dream, iScore.

Funding for the project was secured from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, under the Partnership Grants program, to conduct research on the effectiveness of the digital tools that are ‘The Suite’, and to share those findings with the academic community, musicians and teachers, government, donors, and the general public.    Through our partnership, we will be actively involved in this research as well as the governance of the project.  In addition, the Coalition will be directly involved in further development of the tools.   Watch our web site for a link to Music Tool Suite and we invite you to try it out with your students free of charge.  We will provide a mechanism for feedback on your experiences with the suite, and this will help inform further development of the tools.