Organized by the Coalition for Music Education in Canada, Music Monday is a national event celebrating the importance of music in our lives, and especially in our schools. This annual celebration began in 2005 and has occurred every year since, in communities throughout Canada, and beyond.

We would like all schools and organizations to register online! The higher our registration numbers, the more powerful the statement we can make about the importance of quality music education for all children. Registration unlocks valuable resources like anthem sheet music, translations, learning guides and recordings. It’s also the best way to stay up to date with program news and announcements. You can register here!

In the anthem resources section, we have included audio recordings of many of the arrangements, which you can download free of charge!

Although this would be ideal, it is not always possible. Beginner band arrangements need to be in Bb or Eb, while beginner strings must be in D or G. We have advanced band and orchestra arrangements available in C major, and have transposed the choral arrangements to suit each ensemble. For more information about compatibility check out the anthem info sheet.

Due to copyright laws surrounding the current anthem, we cannot recommend the use of unauthorized arrangements. We are working hard to make official arrangements available for a number of ensembles and grade levels, as well as lead sheets with chord symbols, that can be useful for a variety of instruments and settings. We recognize that teachers might need to make small adjustments to voicing or instrumentation, but hope that these will be minimal, and maintain the integrity of the piece.

We recognize that scheduling difficulties may arise, so we encourage you to celebrate Music Monday throughout the month of May! Big or small, any event that raises awareness about the importance of music in Canadian classrooms, and makes a meaningful impact in your school or community is a Music Monday celebration. Regardless of when you celebrate, please make sure to register your event!

We encourage everyone to perform the anthem as part of your Music Monday celebration. In doing so, you will be joining forces with hundreds of thousands of Canadians as we raise our voices and instruments in support of music education. If you ensemble isn’t able to perform the piece, consider incorporating the anthem in a different way. You could play the music video as participants enter the space, or sing along with the audio recording for a more casual “performance.” You can also view a livestream of our Ottawa event at the National Arts Centre, and sing along with the massed choir at 12:30 EDT. While anthem use isn’t mandatory, we encourage it whenever possible, as this shared experience contributes to a feeling of unity and community.

We encourage everyone across the country to perform the anthem together, as it helps draw media awareness and attention to our cause. However, we realize it might not always be possible.

In 2014 we launched our first Music Monday Anthem search. We are not currently accepting composition submissions, but should we conduct another search in the future, it will be announced in our newsletter and social media.

  • Host your own Music Monday event
  • Contact a local school board to see if there is a celebration where you can volunteer your time and skills
  • Check out the Canada-Wide Celebrations page to find an event near you
  • Watch the Ottawa livestream, and sing along with the anthem at 12:30 P.M. EDT.

There are lots of ways you can celebrate Music Monday! Start by speaking to your music teacher to see if there is anything planned but not yet announced. If not, ask them (or another staff member) to support you in running a student-led Music Monday Celebration. You could arrange a livestream viewing, plan a lunch hour musical activity, or organize rehearsals and perform the anthem at 12:30 EDT. Whatever you plan, make sure to talk about why music and music education are important to you and your peers. If you have questions about Music Monday you can contact, and if you’d like to learn about youth leadership opportunities, check out the Youth4Music program, or contact

This is up to you, but the sooner you can begin rehearsing and sharing the Music Monday Anthem, the better prepared you will be.

  • Write a short article about your event and send it to your local newspaper, radio and television station
  • Use social media to engage with the media. Share articles, tweet at relevant organizations, post photos, etc
  • Contact your school board’s public relations team and ask for support
  • Check out the promotional page of our website to access the media package (coming soon!)

Music Monday is an annual national event celebrating the importance of music in our lives and especially in our schools. Check out the media package (coming soon!) for key messaging and more information.

You can check who is registered on the Music Monday Map to see who else is celebrating in your area. Get in touch with local music organizations such as your provincial music educators’ association, band associations, choral federations, as well as local amateur and professional bands, orchestras and choirs. Contact your local school board to see what else is happening in your district. You can also visit the Canada-Wide Celebration page to learn about larger events taking place from coast to coast to coast.

  • Check out the Canada-Wide Celebrations page to see if there is a large event nearby which you can attend
  • Visit the Celebration Map to find local schools you might be able to partner with
  • Invite a local musician to come work with your students to prepare a Music Monday activity. Invite parents, grandparents or community members with a background in music who might be able to help out
  • Download the Anthem Learning Guides for activities and ideas, watch the Music Monday anthem video, and check out the lead sheet and lyrics page. These resources are easy to use and a great place to start!
  • If you have a reliable internet connection, consider viewing the 2020 livestream from the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. Located in our nation’s capital, the NAC has celebrated Music Monday since its inception in 2005, and has supported the Coalition with a livestream of their annual event since 2017. Tune in to see performances and speakers, and to participate in the collective singing of the Music Monday Anthem! Check back closer to Music Monday for more details, and an updated link.

With thousands of unique celebrations taking place throughout Canada, the benefits and opportunities gained through participation Music Monday are immense:

  • Music Monday is a chance for children and youth to advocate for their own education.
  • It’s an opportunity for them to feel connected to something bigger than themselves.
  • The collective singing of the anthem allows Canadians of all ages and skill sets to unite through song.
  • Exploring the Celebration Map is an interactive way to learn about Canada, while checking out the thousands of schools and communities celebrating Music Monday.
  • Attending a Spotlight or Regional Celebration is a chance to discover different types of music, hear new concepts and ideas, and meet other students with similar interests.
  • Planning a youth-led Music Monday event allows young people to develop leadership skills, and take ownership for the celebration.