Launched in 2005 by The Coalition for Music Education, Music Monday is one of the world’s largest single events dedicated to raising awareness for music education. Each year on the first Monday in May, hundreds of thousands of students, educators, and music makers participate in the collective singing of the Music Monday Anthem. Music Monday celebrations take place from coast to coast to coast, and include a bilingual live stream from the nation’s capital.

The Music Monday Anthem is the program’s theme song, played and sung by hundreds of thousands of students, teachers and community members across the country on Music Monday. A new anthem is introduced (on average) every two years, and is always written by a Canadian composer. The Coalition commissions a variety of arrangements of the anthem, for use by participants at all levels.

The 2020 Music Monday Anthem is the iconic “Hymn to Freedom” by Oscar Peterson and Harriette Hamilton.

Use the hashtag #TogetherInHarmony on social media to connect with other Music Monday participants across the country, and get trending!

A Spotlight Celebration is a large scale Music Monday event which unites students, teachers, community members and arts organizations to highlight the importance of music education. These events generally include performances by professional musicians, student and youth ensembles, as well as speakers and presenters who believe in the power of music.

Spotlight celebrations are developed by the Coalition, in partnership with local music advocates and community organizations. Local politicians and prominent community members often participate, and media coverage helps bring our message of advocacy to a wider audience. Spotlight Celebrations rotate throughout the country, taking place in different cities each year.

Regional Celebrations are significant Music Monday events, planned by local organizations (school boards, orchestras, choral or band associations, etc) with support from the Coalition. These celebrations bring meaningful attention to the importance of music education, and unite local arts advocates, community members, and youth of all ages. Regional Celebrations generally take place in cities that held larger Spotlight Celebrations the previous year, and demonstrate the region’s commitment to music education advocacy.

Community Celebrations are a wide category of events taking place from coast to coast to coast, and are spearheaded by community members devoted to protecting music education in public schools. Some Community Celebrations are very large, while others target one specific school or group. These grassroots events are an essential part of Music Monday, and we are incredibly grateful to all the motivated and diligent individuals who make them possible.

All registered Music Monday events are displayed on the Celebration Map, an interactive tool you can access here. This map includes over a thousand celebrations taking place from coast to coast to coast, and showcases Canada’s commitment to quality music education for all children and youth.

This Music Monday resource is designed to support classroom learning, with a focus on the Anthem and its themes. The Learning Guide includes a variety of activities for teachers and their students, and draws connections between music and the community, while reflecting on Canada’s history and culture.