Michelle Copithorne

Business Manager

Music has become a language for my soul. It sparks life, creativity and balance of mind, body and spirit while teaching patience, diligence, discipline, and collaboration. Music has taught me vulnerability, how to listen deeply, and how to be mindful in the present moment while simultaneously preparing for what is to come. It was in my middle-school band that I first started to grasp the concept of trust and safety in the musical setting. If you can let go and trust in the capabilities of your fellow musicians, an air of safety and confidence is created. Once you feel safe, there are no limits to creativity. I quickly learned that this can be transferred to just about any profession, be it the arts, business, education or anything else. Music provides a level of deep personal expression that otherwise may remain untapped and I strongly believe that our young people should be given every opportunity to allow their creative potential to blossom.