Marian Donnelly

Saskatchewan Culture Days Coordinator, SaskCulture Inc.

I can’t imagine life without music in it. We sing our children to sleep at night; we dance to it at our weddings. We celebrate birthdays with a song. Music is the universal language…we can cross every kind of barrier by finding a melody or a rhythm in common. My career was primarily in the music industry, but it wasn’t the business that kept me going, it was the music being made by the artists I worked with that kept me inspired and driven. I can honestly say I listen to music every single day. In the last few years, I renovated and opened the Creative City Centre, which has a stage for touring artists to perform in an intimate environment. I love hearing new talent there…it’s so great to see young people continuing to make beautiful music and pursuing careers in music. Having something in your life that you are passionate about is so essential to personal growth and happiness…music has been that essential element for me!