Lisa LaFlamme

Chief Anchor and Senior Editor, CTV National News

Growing up, my career goal was to become the next Joni Mitchell. I learned how to play the guitar at 10 and by 11 I knew every song on Court and Spark. Singing and playing guitar was my entry into so many life experiences I would have otherwise missed. A folk group in high school. Campfire crooner at summer camp. Temporary busker in Brussels. Saturday night lounge singer at a bar in my hometown. A band member with colleagues in my first newsroom. Even my 50th birthday included my guitar – an impromptu jam session and yes, some Joni Mitchell. I never did turn music into a career but it's never left my life. My guitar was – and still is – a confidence builder, a comfort, and a magnet for like-minded people. I am a journalist to the outside world. I am Joni, the guitar-playing songstress, on the inside!