This past summer we had a fabulous summer student join the Coalition for work on the Youth4Music program. Erez Zobary is a recent graduate of the Queen’s University undergraduate program and is continuing this Fall, studying toward a degree in education. Erez’s positive and easy going attitude mixed with excellent communication skills and passion for music, left a lasting impression on the Youth4Music program in our upcoming video series, “Music As …”. We are thankful for the tremendous work Erez has contributed for music advocacy and wish her all the very best this year.

Hi! My name is Erez and during my ten weeks as the summer student for the Coalition for Music Education in Canada, I’ve had many wonderful opportunities and experiences. I first got involved with the Coalition and Youth4Music when the Kingston Hub ran their first event at Queen’s University. My good friend reached out to me about an opportunity to perform and participate in a music education conference. As both a musician and education student, this seemed like the perfect way to spend my Wednesday evening. Little did I know that this event would inspire me and lead me to get involved in an amazing organization like the Coalition.

This summer, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a very supportive, creative and passionate team. I’ve learned how to write up reports, format professional drafts, and had the amazing opportunity to develop a youth led video series. In my first week, I jumped into the excitement that is Music Monday and had the opportunity to help run and be involved in the unique Toronto Hub events. Since then, I have learned all about the Coalition and its programs, collected information on music education and youth leadership conferences, planned songwriting workshops, helped organize our Toronto office, and developed ‘Music As …’ a monthly video series that connects all of the Youth4Music Hubs around Canada. What also makes this project so exciting is that it showcases the roles music plays in our lives, and as a musician, I connect with this very deeply. We’re really looking forward to bringing you more information on this video series soon!

As a university student completing numerous assignments and essays every semester, it was so refreshing to have the chance to work creatively and collaboratively on projects. I’ve learned so much during my time working at the Coalition and the tools that I have gained will help me throughout my life.

Life is all about taking initiative and getting involved in things you are passionate about. For me, the Coalition and its programs encompass both of my passions, education and music, and I am so excited to be involved and continue to be involved in this amazing community.