Youth Spotlight: Anna Mercer

2016-02-18T13:06:12+00:00February 18th, 2016|

Anna Mercer is a 14 year old French Immersion student in Newfoundland. Music is at the heart of Anna’s life. Along with her love of local folk music she loves opera and performs regularly both in her home province and through social media. In 2015 Anna participated in the Kiwanis Music Festival where she won the Junior Rose Bowl for her vocal performances. Anna is an accomplished instrumentalist on fiddle, accordion and piano recently completed her RCM level 5 piano exam. When not performing music she can be found on stage dancing and acting. In the coming weeks she will be performing as Juliette in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliette and as Jasmine in the musical Aladdin. Anna also loves knitting with her Nan Mercer and playing with her little dog Sam.